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As experts in package engineering, trust PCI to create the structural design that's needed to adequately protect your product, while creating an attractive presentation on store shelves.

With certified packaging engineers on staff, PCI prides itself on providing elegant, financially viable packaging options that satisfy both your marketing and purchasing teams.

PCI Packaging design capabilites can solve your packaging challenges

Package Engineering for Cost Reduction

Save money by reducing a number of factors that can drive costs

•  Preventing damage is critical when engineering a package. Rigorous drop & ship testing ensures that the
   solution will work well from the loading dock to the store shelf.

•  The use of tamperproof materials as in thermoforming can prevent loss and preserve profit.

•  Complicated, over-engineered shipping cartons, boxes and packaging may be driving unnecessary cost. PCI will analyze
   your product and suggest size, standard configurations and material changes to reduce costs.

•  Engineering changes can even help increase efficiencies on the production floor and at the store level. We've
   helped reduce the amount of time that your employees need for packing out products, while making it as easy as
   possible for your products to hit the shelves once they arrive, with minimal retailer effort.

Seeing Opportunities in Package Engineering Challenges

Think of the engineering team at PCI as top notch problem solvers

•  While other packaging companies might be troubled by odd sized items or fragile products, PCI sees an opportunity
   to create outstanding custom packaging that stands apart from the competition.

•  PCI welcomes the opportunity to engineer high quality concept and presentation materials for new product launches,
   sales meetings & special events that build trust and credibility with your audience.

•  While other packaging companies try to point the finger when damage or loss becomes an issue, PCI steps up to
   engineer a new solution that fixes the problem once and for all.

Your product requires more than a box. With a little forethought and some help from PCI, you can engineer a solution that is protected from damage and still entices a consumer to pick up your item. Call us today for more information at (508) 998-3098.

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