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Protect and Showcase Your Product at the Same Time with Thermoforming

Increase point of purchase visibility with thermoforming from PCI. Thermoforming offers the dual purpose of allowing consumers to see your product while preventing damage in transit and any attempts to tamper with the item, while at the same time preventing theft.

Thermoforming Options Include Trays, Blisters and Clamshells

Thermoforming packages from PCI include trays, blisters and clamshells. Trays protect an item within a separate box and work great with automated product lines. Blisters can be sealed to a heat seal card or be completely free standing. Heat sealed clamshells offer a folding design for precise fit and tamper resistance.

Thermoforming Solutions Engineered for Success

PCI offers all of the support you’d expect from a professional packaging company. A representative will work closely with your team to identify the best solution based on your product and industry. PCI will also help design and engineer a solution that meets all of your criteria for a successful thermoform package.

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